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Let’s Celebrate You!

. . . your passion, vision, and skills.

An affiliate marketer who had done everything right–attracting plenty of traffic with his exemplary SEO and internet marketing technique–asked me for help.

“I haven’t gotten one order from all the affiliate marketing. It must be my words.”

Smart guy. There’s no bad marketing. Bad planning. A lack of sensitivity, And words.

There’s nothing wrong with the words you use. ┬áPeople use them every day. But if they don’t bring in business, why on earth do you keep using them?

Look at your web site, blog or other marketing material about you and your business. It should capture what makes you unique. What a reader will gain by engaging with–and doing business with–you.

Want to share stories of your world, your industry or the people in it? Then let your content show your insight, perspective and understanding of what works and why in every piece.

You may be a decent writer. But celebrating you is too important to be done by a busy amateur.

And everyone’s an amateur when it comes to using digital-age language to communicate with a skeptical public.

Let a pro take care of it: a born wordsmith, able to turn every piece into a successful celebration. Someone who received a poetry award from Langston Hughes, and a journalism award from the Society for Professional Journalists.

As a lifelong student of business, I know how to make English sing a song of business. I’ve helped small business owners for the Graduate School of Business at the University of Washington, executives at a Fortune 50 international behemoth, and Japan’s leading comedian on our regular TV appearance.

Stop hiding, begin “priding.” Stand out, so your buiness will never fade out in the marketplace. The digital age gives you amazing new ways to succeed. Don’t blow it!

It’s a great day to begin the celebration. Use the contact form and tell me something special about yourself; I’ll start decorating the biggest hall in the world, built for words that sing.

The internet.

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