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Words Define Who You Are

. . . how carefully do you choose them?

An affiliate marketer who had done everything right–attracting  traffic with his exemplary SEO and internet marketing technique–asked me for help.

“I haven’t gotten one order from all the affiliate marketing. It must be my words.”

Smart guy.

People use words all day, every day. But if the ones you’ve been using aren’t effective, shouldn’t you change them?

Every word you use should help capture what makes you unique. What readers will gain by building a relationship with you.

Want to share stories of your world, your industry or the people in it? Then let your content show your insight, perspective and Why.

Unfortunately, you’re probably an amateur when it comes to using digital-age language to communicate with a skeptical public.

Time to start working with a born editor and wordsmith who can turn every piece into a successful celebration of your vision and priorities.  A seasoned business, marketing and branding coach too.

Stop hiding, begin “priding.” Stand out, so your vision or business will never fade out.

Let’s talk soon.

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